Scorion Talent

Every organization has its own way of improving their employees personal development. This is part of every organizations culture.

Scorion Talent supports professionals and students during their training and development by creating aparantionframework-Scorion clear image of ones competences. Scorion is build on several builing blocks, or modules, because of this, Scorion Talent is completely adjustable to the needs and wishes of your organisation.

Users emphasize the usability of the software and the vizualisation of all the ‘learningdata’. The user is in charge, so on any given moment you are able to generate a real-time report of all this data.

Scorion is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution. Organizations don’t need the newest computers, or  high-tech servers to use Scorion. You just need an internetconnection and a browser. Scorion even has its own app, Available in the Android playstore and Apple Appstore.